Sylvia and Albert Bursill, Colchester

“We have lived here since we married and the old kitchen was from when we moved in the early 70s. It had a lot of wasted space and we made it worse when we knocked down the pantry that we thought was old-fashioned.

We came to Sandy with a limited budget but we didn’t know what we were looking for apart from wanting white so we relied on her guidance. Sandy asked us a lot of questions, what we liked and didn’t like about our 70s kitchen. I didn’t like anything about the old kitchen so it was easy to answer her questions. When she looked at the kitchen she came up with some very neat ideas for storage of all the things that mattered. She immediately suggested re-instating the pantry and moving the washing machine to beside the back door. She suggested things we had not thought would make any difference but they really do.

The design was so good as it makes such good use of the space.  I love the tall wall units to the ceiling as we are both tall and that extra storage is worth so much to us because we never throw anything away. I love the worktop and the back panel being the same finish because it is practical, clean and makes the kitchen look a lot bigger.  Our friends and family have all commented on the fact that we don’t have tiles. We do appreciate the high quality of the furniture and my new oven is so solid compared to the old one. We can really feel the difference, just as Sandy said we would and the fact that all this was done within our budget made us overjoyed. We couldn’t believe it! I jumped up and gave Sandy the biggest hug!

Sandy fitted everything we asked her to fit into this narrow space and we are thrilled with the result.  It is a kitchen that has been thoughtfully designed and expertly installed and I love to be in it. It was worth every penny!”