Silke & Patch Hasler

Mediterranean Blue Shower Room
Featured in ‘UTOPIA Kitchen and Bathroom’ magazine October ’17 issue
From the client’s perspective:

“Working with Sandy was amazing and I would work with here again in a heartbeat. I fully recommend her to anybody. Her professional attitude is exceptional, she loves what she does and she does not rest until she delivers. She wants things ‘just so’. She does not put up with bad attitudes and will not accept just any tradesmen, they have to meet her expectations. Our bathroom was never to be just a beige box with a shower. We wanted specific colours, a Mediterranean feel – it needed attention to detail. Sandy made sure we got what we needed, and I believe it cost her some sleepless nights and headaches. I really cannot stress how vital she was for the whole project. Even once the design was done, she kept challenging our thoughts, bringing in new ideas, structures etc. However, she never forced us, she just checked that we really wanted what we said we did, and she did it brilliantly. She always communicated – it was so important. She stood with us – and mostly for us – pushing our agenda, making sure quality was delivered. I admire her work ethic – it is a rare thing to find these days. Also, I admire that she lives and breathes design. It is not her job, it is her life, it’s who she is. She sees space and then she makes it better. To bring my ramblings to an end. We love Sandy. We leaned on her heavily and she was always there – in fact most of the times, she was already there before us. Most importantly, she delivered this amazing space to us and we love it.”